i get upset easily with my boyfriend of 2 years over issues such as him making excuses not to call me & i worry really easily because he used to talk to lots of girls when we first got together (doesn’t anymore), i get mad easily and sometimes say mean things to him or about our relationship e.g ‘we are better apart’ & whenever i say this, he tells me it hurts and he’s not good enough for me, and i’ve noticed that he is beginning to like girls photos & one girl in particular i don’t like.

You need to get this behavior, and whatever feelings are driving it, in check, and fast. 

When you say he is “making excuses not to call you,” either he has legitimate reasons not to call you - life stuff comes up! - and you need to figure out a way to develop more compatible schedules or expectations. Or, he really is making excuses not to talk to you, which means he finds talking with you somehow unpleasant or scary, and is trying to avoid it. That is not how you want your partner to feel! Either way, change needs to happen.

You know that this is your problem - you say twice that you “get upset easily” and “get mad easily.” It doesn’t sound like you’re dating someone with an awful pattern of upsetting and angering you; it sounds like you have an emotional hair-trigger that causes you to over-react to situations. And that makes you treat your partner in ways that aren’t okay. You’re making him feel hurt and like he’s not good enough - is that how you want your partner to feel? If yes, leave him - something is deeply wrong with that dynamic. If not, stop doing and saying the things that make him feel that way.

If you truly believe that you are better apart, if you don’t like how he responds to you asking for a phone call, if you find yourself consistently acting in a way that hurts him - perhaps you two are better off apart. A relationship where you find it easy to get into a headspace where you act out of anger and a desire to make your partner feel bad is not a healthy relationship. Consider asking your partner what he wants. Does he want to stay with you? Does he want some things to change? Consider working with a therapist or self-help guides to identify the root of your frequent anger and sadness. What is making you feel so threatened that you lash out, and how can you alleviate that threat in a healthier way?