I have a boyfriend and am not in any way aromantic, but I have these feelings for another person that are very qpp-ish. is it right to use that term if im not aro?

I’m not the language police; it’s not up to me (or any one person) to say who does and doesn’t get to use a term. I’m also not aromantic or asexual, so I wouldn’t even be part of the community that may have claim to that term. If you know any ace or aro people, you could ask them how they feel!

If you’re uncomfortable with the term qpp, or worry that others might be uncomfortable with you using it, it’s totally okay to find another way to express how you feel about this person. I personally wish that we as a culture could open up the concept of friendship to allow for the kind of intimacy and commitment we typically think is reserved for sexual-romantic partnerships. (Because of this, I have my own feelings about the term qpp, but that’s not what you asked about).

Ultimately, it’s not about what collection of syllables you use, but whether you are able to frame, understand, and engage in the relationship with depth and authenticity, in whatever way is healthy and fulfilling for you and this person.