I identify as Poly but I have found coming out to people to be quite difficult. However, I do still want to be in a consenting poly relationship. I have a wonderful girlfriend who knows that I’m poly and accepts me and consents to a poly-v relationship but it’s taken me aback with how many people I meet being either poly and almost stalkerish or monogamous and wants me to leave my girlfriend. Are there any good sites or anything I could check out?

Dating is hard. It’s hard for everyone, mono or poly, gay or straight. Most of us have at least a few bad or just blah experiences before we find someone we click with perfectly. For some of us, that’s part of the fun of dating; for others, it’s a huge discouragement.

Make sure going in that you know your boundaries and how to stick to them. It sounds like you’ve done a good job shutting down behavior you find “stalkerish” and saying no to people who want you to leave your girlfriend. Keep being clear and open about what you want, and you’ll find what you’re looking for. Just give it time. If finding someone awesome to date was simple and easy, we wouldn’t have like 50% of the movies/TV shows/books that currently exist.

Here is my FAQ page on finding poly people to date. Good luck!