I looked around in you FAQ and a I saw a similar question but not quite like this. If you want/are in multiple qprs, not romantic just qprs, is that poly? I have a bigger question dealing with some issues I have that kinda rides on this.

My answer is generally the same as the FAQ page on this issue.

If identifying as poly:

  • helps you find language to express your identity, needs, and feelings clearly and honestly
  • gives you the tools to set healthy boundaries and cultivate positive relationships
  • gives you the healing, freedom, or permission to live fully into your self and your desires

then you’re probably poly.

If identifying as poly:

  • raises more questions than answers, or leaves you feeling confused or alienated
  • makes you feel hemmed in by existing definitions and concepts you find restrictive or inappropriate to who you are and what you need
  • feels uncomfortable or inaccurate as a self-descriptor

then you’re probably not poly, or need to do more introspection about it.

Whatever bigger questions and issues you’re facing, a poly identification is just one lens through which to look at them; just one tool to apply to the situation. If it works, use it. If it doesn’t, let it go.