i have two friends that are open to polyamory and i just so happen to have an attraction to both of them. how can i tell them this without looking like i’m forcing them into a relationship?

I really don’t know where this idea came from that polyamory requires everyone involved to be involved with each other. You can date Garthus and Breaklyn without requiring that Garthus and Breaklyn also date each other. (If you are only interested in being part of a closed or polyfidelitous group, that’s another story).

Let each person individually know that you’re into them, but want to date polyamorously. If both want to date you, great! If one of them doesn’t want to date you, that’s their call! The only issue here is if the two people don’t like each other and wouldn’t want to be in a poly network together.

Letting someone know that you’re into them is a very far cry from forcing them into something. Be open and honest about how you feel, and be prepared to receive their responses with grace. But what’s between you and someone is about what’s between you two; it’s not dependent on anyone else.