I need advice I have been feeling like a third wheel I live with my boyfriend and girlfriend and they are married I have expressed how I feel I sleep with my daughter not them not even once in a while they want our relationship a secret from his and her family and there kids all I ask for is some time once in a while to feel like a girlfriend

You’re living with this couple, but your role in the relationship is being kept a secret from their families, and even their kids? This doesn’t sound to me like a healthy situation. It’s time to ask yourself what you’re actually getting from this relationship, and what the couple is getting out of this arrangement. It sounds like this couple isn’t meeting your needs well, and when you articulate what your needs are, they continue to make choices that aren’t healthy for you. You deserve to get your needs met, and your daughter deserves to grow up in a family where the adults care for each other in a healthy way. There are plenty of couples who would welcome a third into their life with openness and love - you don’t need to stay in a situation that doesn’t make you happy.