if polyamory were normal


“So, wait - you only date one person at a time, on purpose? Okay. But - FOREVER?! On purpose? You both talk about it and agree to that? You both WANT that? Is this - I think I saw this on TV one time. Is this, like, part of a religious sect?”

“Rhonda, I just realized - I don’t think I’ve seen your husband out with another woman for, gosh, it must be years now. Is everything ok with him?”

“Aren’t you worried you’ll become totally codependent and wrapped up in each other and not be able to put energy into other important relationships in your life, like close friends and family?”

“Monogamy, huh? Kinky.”

“Want me to set you two up? … oh, my bad. I don’t know a lot of monogamous people. How does that work, anyway?”

“So you never date anyone else? Ever? Do you at least have sex with other people? … wow. I could never do that.”

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