Ok , so I have a question of if this is considered Poly. My friend who is a Stem and I dated the same girl.. I only had sex wit one, yet we all would have sex together( in one room), and slept in the same bed.. If you are familiar wit the LBGT community, you know what a “Stem” is. We did everything but sex with each other, and I was fine wit it.

First off, I almost didn’t answer the question because I was put off by the fact that it would have taken you about the same effort and number of words to write “a stem is a lesbian who presents between stud and femme” than to write that weirdly pretentious non-definition. Readers - not everyone knows everything you do. If you think something might need explaining, just explain it rather than making it out like some subcultural linguistics in-group test.

To answer your question: it can be considered polyamory, sure, if that’s how it felt to you at the time. There are lots of spots along the spectrum: threesomes, open relationships, “no labels, just doing what we feel,” triads, polyamory, whatever. Don’t let me, or anyone else, tell you how you can or can’t identify.