I’m a bisexual (or asexual?) trans guy and I think from the very little I know of it I MIGHT be polyamorous. I would honestly love to know more about it to determine whether this is a thing for me; is there any advice, books, websites, or videos/documentaries you could recommend me?

Here is my FAQ page on how to figure out whether you’re poly!

I recommend reading narrative descriptions of healthy poly relationships and seeing whether this fits in with your understanding or expectations of relationships. Here’s one in The Atlantic, another in CNN.

But honestly, there is no specific “how to tell if you’re polyamorous” checklist I can point to you. Everyone’s path is different, and there are lots of resources out there - you’ve gotta break out your Google-fu and find what you need. Everything from poly parenting stories to the philosophy behind “solo polyamory” is available online - poke around the big poly forums and websites, search tags on tumblr, and be patient as you learn about yourself!