I’m asexual. My boyfriend isn’t, and was active in the past. He doesn’t want to force me, so he is thinking of getting involved with other people cuz of this and several other reasons. However I’m not comfortable with this idea. Am I being selfish?

It’s not for me to say whether you’re being selfish or not, but I do question the sexual logic of this relationship. For many people, being able to express themselves sexually is a key part of living a full life, and it sounds like your boyfriend is one of those people. You have the right to ask him to simply give up a part of himself entirely, but he has the right to refuse.

It appears that your relationship has hit an impasse. Your boyfriend needs a sexual outlet, and you can’t provide that - so the options are for you two to split and find romantic partners that match your sexual needs; or for him to get his sexual needs met elsewhere and remain romantically involved with you. I don’t think the third option, where he stays with you and stays celibate for your comfort, is sustainable.