So, my boyfriend has been seeing a new girl recently. I’ve only met her once for about a minute. And I like her, but they’re both acting really strangely about me getting to know her. I’m unsure what to do because it feels really shady to just keep her away from me all the time. She comes to our house only when I’m gone.

Have you talked to your boyfriend about this? As in all things poly, communication is key. He might be worried that you two won’t get along, or she might be uncomfortable meeting you just yet, or he might not have even noticed he’s giving off these strange vibes.

Your best bet is to talk openly about your concerns, and see why he’s acting like this, and try to solve the problem from there. Remember that even if you know you’ll be cozy and friendly and welcoming, she might be new to the idea and need some time to adjust; or maybe your boyfriend just needs time to navigate these waters.