I’m in love with one of my best friends, and he just asked if i wanted to be in a poly relationship with him & his friend who I know a little bit. I only have feelings for him though, and ive never wanted to really be in a poly ship. Idk what to do

Don’t let yourself be pressured into something you don’t want. If he said he wanted to date you, but only if you agreed to stop eating pizza forever, or move to Nepal with him, or only have sex on a bed of ice under a full moon, you’d be well within your rights to turn him down! 

Let him know that while you do have feelings for him, you aren’t interested in being poly or being romantically/sexually involved with his other friend. If that’s a dealbreaker for him, that’s a bummer, but it means the relationship isn’t meant to be. If he agrees, awesome!

But be wary of whether his agreement is unconditional or not - if you feel like he’s hoping to get you into a poly relationship later, or pressuring you to get with his friend, that’s not a healthy relationship and you need to get out. Never date someone who’s in denial of, or wishy-washy about, the terms of your relationship.

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