I’m trying to figure out if polyamory is for me or not. I’ve been in a poly relationship in the past and it was fine but I’m having a lot of difficulties in my current one. I’m not allowed to have other partners, which to an extent is fine. My partner constantly goes on about his other partners and boasts about getting laid and its gotten to a point I just don’t want him with anyone else. I don’t know if this means I can’t be poly at all or if it’s just that this relationship isn’t working.

Your partner doesn’t allow you to have other partners, but he goes out and has other partners, which he then comes back and brags to you about? This doesn’t sound like a healthy arrangement.

Have you tried talking to him about this? Telling him how you feel when he goes on and on about his other partners? Asking him why he feels it’s okay for him to have other partners while you can’t? If not, try opening up that conversation - perhaps he’ll have answers for you that help you two make sense of things and come to a better compromise.

But if he’s not willing to discuss this, if he’s not willing to re-assess your arrangement, or if you’re just unhappy with the dynamic between you two, it might be that this relationship isn’t working for you. I don’t think that means no poly relationship would work for you - something more egalitarian, without the weird restriction on you and the obnoxious rubbing of other partners in your face, might end up being healthy and happy for you! It sounds like this specific relationship has some issues that stem from your partner, not necessarily the polyamory.