Is it possible to be ace/sex repulsed and polyamorous at the same time? I feel like I can love a lot of people, but sex isn’t enjoyable for me.
Is it unreasonable to want a closed poly relationship? Like. Just me and my two significant others, and no one else? I know a LOT of polyamorous people are very open and thats like part of the “culture” or whatever but. It makes me kinda hurt when my girlfriend shows interest in others even though we’re in a poly relationship
There is such thing as a queerplatonic poly relationship, right? (sorry, I’m kinda new to all this)

To all three: yes, yes, and yes. There is no one right way to be poly, and there is no standard somewhere that poly-identified people are measured against. You can identify as poly even if you don’t have sex, because polyamory is about more than sex, it’s about relationships. You can identify as poly if the only relationship structure you want is a closed triad. You can identify as poly if you are in queerplatonic relationships.

Some people might not recognize the validity of your chosen terms. The stamp of an online advice blogger cannot, unfortunately, prevent jerks from arguing with you about whether you fulfill the appropriate criteria to identify yourself or label your relationships a certain way. But you don’t need their approval. Use language as a tool to help you articulate your needs and live a fulfilling life as your best self, not as some external measurement. 

I grouped these three questions together because they all fall into a FAQ that I have a page for. You can read more about this issue here!