Is your boyfriend still enacting OPP if he refuses to consider being an a MMF threesome? I’m bi, he’s straight, and while he’s fine about me dating/having sex with other men, and is excited about MFF threesomes, he very quickly shuts down any possibility of MMF threesomes. It upsets me, even though I’m sure his reasoning (not gay/bi) is fair. Any help?

I don’t think this counts as a “One Penis Policy” - rules like that are about controlling what a partner does with their body/sexual choices. Everyone is always and forever and unequivocally allowed to make choices about what they do with their own body and sexual choices.

Your partner doesn’t want to be in a threesome with another man. This is totally and entirely his call to make - no one should ever feel, or be, pressured to do something sexual that they don’t feel comfortable with. This is not about him “withholding” the possibility of an MMF threesome from you or disallowing you from doing something; it’s about him setting boundaries about what he wants to do. And that is totally healthy and fine!

If you are deeply committed to the possibility of an MMF threesome, it sounds like you have other avenues to explore that, since you’re open to dating other men. But this isn’t something your boyfriend is willing to explore with you, and that’s entirely his right. I don’t personally believe this is comparable to a “One Penis Policy” or similar limitations placed on one partner by the other.