my partner makes me feel really insecure about our relationship because he always talks about his other partners and their sex lives and how hot and amazing they are and he never says those things to me or about me. I feel like he’s not attracted to me and I get so scared I don’t want to bring it up. What should I do?

I answered a similar question here, so check that out first. It’s possible that your partner doesn’t realize he’s doing this - maybe he talks about you this way to his other partners too; maybe he’s clumsily and insensitively trying to hint to you that he wants to try out something new with you, etc.

The solution here, really, is to bring it up with him. If you feel too scared and insecure in a relationship to bring up things that are bothering you, that is a huge problem. You need to be honest with yourself about the source of that problem: if your partner acts in such a way that you feel unsafe voicing your concerns and communicating openly, if your fear is grounded in previous experiences with this person making you feel scared and insecure, RUN.

If your partner hasn’t done anything to make the relationship unsafe for honest communication and the fear is an issue on your side, figure out what it will take to build that courage and that skill. Therapy, writing your partner a letter or email, just taking a deep breath and explaining to him that you have a hard time saying this but trust him to hear it with grace and gentleness - whatever it takes for you