Not actually a question, just wanted to say I’m newly poly and found your blog during your hiatus. It’s been immensely helpful, and I’m so glad you’re back! <3

I typed you a really long email and right before i went to hit send I realized that I was just looking for someone to validate my feelings. Thank you for opening your heart to so many people. You helped me by simply being there to listen if i needed.

Thanks so much for such an amazing, informative, nonjudgmental blog!!!

I am very glad to have found your blog. My wife and I opened up our marriage last year and i’m understanding it more and more. I love the advice you give. Keep up the great stuff. =D you are awesome

Sorry if this is annoying, but I just wanted to say thanks. I’m mono (so is my partner) but I decided to do research into polyamory because I found myself being somewhat judgemental without having any real knowledge. This blog has taught me how it works, and helped me accept my polyamorous friends whereas before I couldn’t understand it at all. It’s really opened my eyes, and I wanted to say thank you for this blog, and the amazing advice you give people.

Don’t need advice, just been reading the blog and wanted to say thank you for everything you do!

<3 you all are the best! I was super nervous about coming back from the unplanned hiatus - to the point that I really missed running the blog but would feel sick to my stomach at just the thought of logging in, so I avoided it for longer, and then of course felt worse, which just made for a very nasty cycle of shame and avoidance. I do deal with an anxiety disorder and I have been through some rough times in my personal life lately, so that shame spiral was pretty pronounced.

I expected to see so much anger and judgment, especially after trying to start the Patreon and then all of a sudden dropping off. I have seen lots of bloggers and other online thing-makers vilified for letting down their fans, and I felt like I pretty much deserved it. But it turned out Patreon refunded the few folks who backed me and didn’t see any activity (thanks for helping me not look like such an asshole, Patreon) and I haven’t gotten any hate or anything. At all.

I love this blog and I love my readers. While one of my eventual goals is to make a career out of being a poly thinker, writer, and activist, I have found myself in a much better financial situation and no longer need to try monetizing it. It’s also clear that I’m not in the right place in my life to be consistent and responsible enough to uphold my end of any monetization deal. So I’ll be taking down my Patreon for now. If you backed (only a few people did) and feel cheated or let down, please reach out to me and I will work something out!

Thank you so much to everyone for proving my anxiety to be a huge liar. The poly community is so forgiving and loving and healthy. I am so glad that because of this, the mistakes I made have not cost me the opportunity to run this blog, which brings me so much joy. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude <3