so there is this really cute girl in one of my classes but she is a few grade above me! do you have any tips on how to talk to her??

My tip is: just do it. It’s not about saying the exact right thing - it’s about having the guts to just approach someone you’re interested in and start talking.

If you have any shared interests, start with that. Or, if she has an interest you don’t share, be curious about it. You already have one thing in common - being in class together! Ask her opinion on the material you’re doing in class. 

Keep things positive. Don’t try to bond over hating on the teacher or complaining about something. Be bold, but not bothersome - approach her as a peer, but be gracious if she’s not interested in talking to you. 

I have never actually regretted approaching a guy I was interested in with boldness and courage. I have a lot of regrets about times I chickened out, though. The bold approach doesn’t always work - sometimes I slip a cute waiter my number and he never calls, and one time I tried flirting with a longtime crush at a party and he outright told me he wasn’t interested. But I lived to tell the tale! And sometimes when I do go for it, it totally works out, and the anxiety and uncertainty of the approach is more than worth it.

Just go for it! It’s really not that bad, and can be pretty exciting if you frame it right. Right now your position is not having this girl’s interest or attention. If you try and you fail, you haven’t lost anything. And if you succeed, well, awesome!

Good luck!