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Guys I’m really struggling financially right now and I could desperately use help. If anyone would be willing to share my store around to help bring in some money I would really appreciate it.

As it is, it doesn’t look like I’m going to make my rent this month if something doesn’t pick up. I’ve reapplied to drive for Uber again, but my registration has to be renewed before they’ll let me drive. That payment is already late and after the 15th I begin incurring fines so any help at all would be wonderful. I need to be able to get on the road again and try to make some extra money.

So, I never really do promos on this blog, and this blogger did NOT ask for the shoutout, but this one is special.

I clicked through this when it came up on my dash, and sure enough there is some really beautiful polyamory-themed jewelry. What really did it for me, though, is that this artist has a charm with a cross and a polyamory symbol. (There is also an atheist/skeptic one). When I saw that item listed I actually teared up. It is so rare for me as a polyamorous person of faith to feel like my whole, integrated self is seen, honored, and included. I am often alienated from polyamorous communities because I am a Christian and often alienated from Christian communities because I am polyamorous. For me, my spirituality and my polyamory are deeply inter-linked, but I have never seen a work of art that honors and recognizes that. I have cross jewelry and infinity symbol jewelry but I have never been offered an opportunity to express pride in who I am as fully as with that little charm.

Of course I ordered one and I encourage my followers to support this shop if you’re able and interested. @bipolysub I really hope things pick up for you and I want to thank you deeply for that beautiful moment I got to experience today. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help. <3

Update: it came in the mail yesterday and totally made my day! I wore it to work today! It came in a cute little package with bright yellow bubble wrap! Did you know they made bright yellow bubble wrap? I didn’t!

I desperately want to post a selfie wearing it, but I have to be anonymous on here for annoying reasons. :( just imagine someone who looks a lot like my avatar but now with turquoise hair grinning while proudly rocking a blue polyamorous-christian pendant, okay? #mentalselfie 

Thank you so much @bipolysub for the lovely & affirming piece. If you haven’t already, please check out the linked etsy store & consider buying something neat! <3