We are a triad and want to travel to somewhere accepting

We are a triad and want places we can travel where we can be ourselves, are there any good places for us?

If you just want to be able to be out in public and hold hands and be generally affectionate as three people, I'd figure that most major cities have enough going on that you won't be attacked or kicked out of a restaurant for that. San Francisco, New York, Portland - places that have reputations for being progressive and cosmopolitan.

You could also book a getaway somewhere remote where there isn't anyone to bother you. Camping, cabins, somewhere in nature where your business is no one else's business. In my experience, places like naturalist hot springs and other retreat spots that attract the "crunchy granola" crowd tend to be really chill and accepting. 

There are also polyamory-focused conventions in various places, if you want to travel to an event that's focused on polyamory explicitly. Here are some events from Loving More, something called Poly Big Fun, and a list of polyamory events. Conventions and festivals focused on kink or BDSM are also very poly-friendly, if that's tangential to any of your interests. 

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