The boy I really like lives a 40 minute drive away from me. I’ve only known him for little over a month but 2 weeks into knowing him I knew he was someone special. He used to say the cutest things to me and tell me how much he likes me. Now, he still tells me he likes me but doesn’t act like he cares anymore and makes up excuses to why “he doesn’t think he can do this”. He’s almost like a completely different person. I want to fix things with him but he’s making it impossible :( help?

It sounds like he’s sending you very clear messages: he says he “doesn’t think he can do this,” and he’s not acting in a way that makes you feel cared about. You yourself say he’s like a different person than the one you identified as “someone special” a moth ago. It sounds like this might not be something “fixable,” or much worth “fixing.”

Really, there is no “fixing things” with someone who’s made it clear that they’re not interested in that. As frustrating as it is, you can’t control other people’s feelings or behavior. The reason for his change in behavior and desire to pursue this may be the drive between you, or it may be something else - but either way, it’s not something you can change.