Some FAQ-able questions

Me and my wife have talked about maybe finding someone that we can both date any advice on how to go about this. Like we’ve talked about it we just don’t know how to go about it.

Check my FAQ on this here, and after you’ve read everything there, you can check out my FAQ on polyamorous dating here.

I'm 13 and think I may be polyamorous. My girlfriend (we're wlw) already knows that I am polycurious. Am I too young to know?

You are not too young to know - keep in mind that we’d never tell a 13 year old dating monogamously that they were “too young to know” that they were monogamous. Check out my page here, and all the general resources listed here. Go slow, learn about yourself, read and watch things together and discuss them with your girlfriend, and follow what feels right!

I don’t know if I’m poly or not? I am bisexual and I can’t just be with one person. I love that person with all my might and I’m loyal to the core but I’m always wanting and needing something more. I’ve wanted to be with multiple people. Am I poly?

That sounds like being polyamorous to me, but I can’t tell you what, or who, you are - only you can do that. Check out my page here for more resources on working that out.

I’m very new to the poly lifestyle but I’ve been thinking and I it feels like something I’d like to try. How do I go about meeting other poly people or finding a polyamorous relationship?

Check out my FAQ on polyamorous dating here!