If you donate $10 or more to the ACLU and send a screenshot of your donation to polyamoryadvice [at] gmail [dot] com, I will provide one of the following, of your choice:

  • A poem about a topic of your choice (silly or literary)
  • A short fic about a topic of your choice (my favorite thing to do is little fics about people and their friends in various worlds or adventures)
  • A private answer to a question you have, poly advice related or not
  • A cover letter or resume overhaul
  • A guest post for your blog
  • Another writing or editing commission; let’s discuss!

I’m trying to put my skills and platform to good use in this frightening time - I’ve donated what I can and want to encourage others to do so! 

Feel free to signal boost this; the offer goes for folks who aren’t following me, money is money and the ACLU needs it right now.