If you donate $10 or more to the ACLU and send a screenshot of your donation to polyamoryadvice [at] gmail [dot] com, I will provide one of the following, of your choice:

  • A poem about a topic of your choice (silly or literary)
  • A short fic about a topic of your choice (my favorite thing to do is little fics about people and their friends in various worlds or adventures)
  • A private answer to a question you have, poly advice related or not
  • A cover letter or resume overhaul
  • A guest post for your blog
  • Another writing or editing commission; let’s discuss!

I’m trying to put my skills and platform to good use in this frightening time - I’ve donated what I can and want to encourage others to do so! 

Feel free to signal boost this; the offer goes for folks who aren’t following me, money is money and the ACLU needs it right now.


Femme Stuff Giveaway is still on!

Hi friends,

Please see details here about my femme stuff giveaway!

I have made up packages for everyone who’s contacted me so far - if you sent me your address for fun femme stuff, your box will go out in the mail this Wednesday. 

I still have lots of stuff, mostly hair accessories and nail polish, some makeup, some random girly things. 

If you could use a care package of sisterhood and glitter, send me your info and I’ll get that out to you!

Poly Advice Femme Stuff Giveaway

Hi friends and followers,

I am in the midst of a big life transition and am clearing out a bunch of belongings I don’t want or need anymore. A lot of it is very feminine stuff that I bought under the delusion that I’d someday end up as the kind of woman who wears makeup every day or accessorizes every outfit, and now I’ve decided to be honest with myself and get rid of it and embrace my dgaf-self.

I would love for this stuff to go to femme/female identifying friends who could use a boost of girly self-care and luxury but have social or financial barriers to getting them. Especially trans women (and anyone who is femme-of-center) who may have been left out of the holiday influx of generically girly treats, or need some extra pick-me-up after a tough holiday season, or can’t afford a bunch of makeup, or need some let’s-do-our-nails-together sisterhood, etc.

I have:

  • Unused/unopened nail polishes (all from a vegan company)
  • Unused/unopened makeup (all from a vegan company)
  • Jewelry (mostly necklaces)
  • A few purses 
  • Some random unused lotions/hair stuff/bath stuff/samples/etc

Note that I am a white person with brown hair and hazel eyes, so I cannot promise that if you have different hair or skin tones, these will all work for you! If I was collecting stuff for a giveaway, it would be more diverse, but I got it all for myself, so I’m really sorry about any lack of inclusivity!

If you are:

  1. Anyone whose life would be improved by a girly care package
  2. Unable to “treat yo self” to said fun girly stuff due to any manner of crappy circumstances

then send me an email at polyamoryadvice [at] gmail [dot] com letting me know:

  • Your preferences for types of stuff and colors to get (I cannot make any promises!)
  • Where to mail it to

I am not trying to get into a whole thing of auditing who “deserves” to get this financially or policing people’s identity. You don’t need to explain or prove to me that you’re in a tough spot! Just let me know what to send where and I’ll do my best to send some love your way. Of course, if you want a more personalized package or note, you can tell me about yourself anyway :)

Feel free to signal boost, but know that I have thousands of readers and a limited amount of girly stuff, so I will make a second post once I’ve gotten enough emails that I can no longer give any more away!

Poly Advice 100/500 Book & Blog Giveaway + Icon Contest!

Hi all! I managed to hit 500 followers and 100 posts at almost the exact same time, which I think calls for a celebration. So I’m hosting a 100/500 Book & Blog Giveaway!

-There will be 1 book giveaway winner and 5 blog giveaway winners.

-The book giveaway winner will win a copy of The Ethical Slut (or, if you already have it, More Than Two or Opening Up.)

-The 5 blog giveaway winners will win: my blog! That’s right, I’m giving away my blog - just temporarily. Winners will get to either write a guest column for Poly Advice or answer one of the asks currently in my queue.*

How to enter:

-Reblogs if you’re not following Poly Advice count as 1 entry. Reblogs if you are a follower count as 5 entries. Only one reblog per person, please.

The 100/500 giveaway ends on September 15

*Winners will not see usernames or any other identifying information for the asks they get to answer.

BONUS CONTEST: I think it’s time to get myself a new icon. If you make me a poly-advice-themed tumblr icon and submit it via polyamoryadvice [at] gmail [dot] com, I’ll throw in 15 extra entries for you. If I choose yours, I’ll send you a copy of The Ethical Slut