Hello. I was wondering how one can find other poly folks in their area. Im poly V and my partners would like to date other people, but recently they’ve been rejected or pushed away by closed minded people. How can we be open about our lifestyle? We just moved to MA and its been difficult to meet new people who we can open up to or trust. The few people we have assume we are cheating etc.

It can be really hard to find people who are open to polyamory. Even in a very liberal, sexually open urban area, I am often rejected because people are uncomfortable. 

But it’s not just a poly problem - everyone struggles to find dates, especially when they’re new to an area. Try online dating, especially sites that let you be open and clear about your arrangement (like OKCupid), and just keep on being yourselves and making new friends. If you’re kinky or have any other interests that often overlap with polyamory, try local Meetups and other groups or events.

You’ll find people, but it - like all good things - takes some time.