I can’t tell if I have commitment issues or if I’m a swinger or maybe I’m poly. I have a partner. One. Singular. And I want to keep them as my partner, I love them. But I kinda like the idea of allowing other people into our relationship. But am I doing this because I’m not entirely happy with my partner or am I not happy because I only have one partner? But I don’t want us seeing people separately, I want it to be a together thing. Like a love triangle where no corner is unloved by the other.

What you’re describing is polyfidelity or a poly triad. That is a common and doable polyamorous arrangement, as long as your partner is also on board.

I can’t tell you whether you feel this desire because something in you would be more fulfilled in a polyamorous triad, or because you’re unfulfilled with your current partnership. But that is a really important question to dig into! Consider reading up on polyamory, thinking about your “best case scenario,” and really giving some introspective time to working this out with yourself.

P.S. If you do decide that a triad is what you want, be careful with the phrasing of “allowing other people” into your relationship. Dating you two as a couple isn’t a privilege that people are clamoring to gain access to - in fact, it’s going to be something you’ll really have to work to make desirable. You can read more about that here.