I feel isolated from my boyfriends. Our cultures are very different and there’s a large language barrier. I have seen that lately they’ll treat me as a side relationship with them as the main. I’m very scared to tell them how I feel.

Poly dating is hard. Dating across cultures is hard. So doing both at the same time is bound to be especially hard. You and your boyfriends deserve plenty of credit for trying.

The main issue that I see in your message is that you’re “very scared” to tell them how you feel. That’s not a healthy fear in any relationship, and especially in a poly one. Try getting to the root of your fear. What, exactly, are you afraid of? What is your worst case scenario? Do your best to figure out whether this fear is on your side, or whether they are truly likely to respond in an unsafe way if you bring this up.

If your fears stem from you, if you just aren’t a confrontational person or you don’t like uncertainty, my advice would be: go for it anyway. Find a quiet, safe place, take a deep breath, and let them know that you’re feeling this way, and if you have any ideas for how they can help you feel better. Let them work with you to get through this - they might not realize that they’re acting in a way that isolates you, and this just needs to be talked through. Or, it might be that there’s a mismatch in expectations or understandings of what the relationship is that you all need to work out.

If your fears stem from them - if they are the kind of people who respond to other people expressing their needs by lashing out or escalating the situation, RUN. You should NEVER be in a relationship where you don’t feel empowered to speak up for yourself and work through situations that aren’t going well for you.