I have a huge crush on these two people and they are currently dating each other, they’re poly and I feel like they could be into me, there’s some flirting going on on everyone’s parts, but I’m also very good friends with the both of them and I would hate to mess that up if I’m reading any signs wrong. how would you suggest I go about figuring if I actually have a shot?

It’s a good thing I keep this blog totally anonymous, because otherwise you might find yourself flooded with poly couples looking for a third who wants to date both of them. I’m not saying the couple you’re crushing on definitely feels that way, but it sounds like based on the mutual flirting that you may be on to something.

The thing about poly folks is we tend to be pretty open about communication and non-judgmental (when we’re doing it right). So my advice would be to just tell them what you’ve told me - that you’re getting flirty signals from them and would be interested in pursuing something, but that you also don’t want anything to change or be lost if it turns out you’ve misunderstood. 

Then, if you’re right and things move forward, awesome! If they say they’re actually not into you, let them know that you’re okay with staying friends but maybe need to re-examine how you guys behave in your friendship so you don’t feel led on. Hopefully this becomes the beginning of something new and fun, or at the very worst, a kind of awkward little blip in your friendship. Good luck!