i need triad date advice. What activities can my Ri and my fellow sub and i do together that will be fun with three people where no one will feel left out? Most date-type-activities tend to be oriented toward two people, instead of three. And we would like to do something other than just movie + dinner. Any thoughts?

I have no idea what “Ri” means in this context, and I tried Googling it - I hope it isn’t someone’s name! If you sent this message and need me to omit or clarify something, please shoot me a follow-up.

As to the actual question: there are lots of fun date activities that work for three people! Consider:

  • Hiking or visiting a beautiful natural spot near you
  • Visiting a craft show or farmer’s market
  • Seeing a museum together
  • Taking a class together - cooking, crafting, improv
  • Going to a spa or bath house (there is one near me that lets you rent private hot tub rooms by the hour)
  • Going to an amusement park near you
  • Checking out a local festival - there’s always something niche and interesting going on at some community center, like a Bonsai Tree Expo or a Garlic Festival
  • Volunteering together
  • Joining a local low-key sports league, like kickball or ultimate frisbee
  • Hosting a dinner party together
  • Camping
  • Going thrift shopping
  • Buying and refurbishing an old piece of furniture your way

Followers in triads, any other thoughts?