I recently talked to my partner about being poly and I don’t think he really understands. Do you have any good articles or resources you could point me to to help him along?

I really need to make a Resources page. In the meantime:

Grab a copy of The Ethical Slut - it’s a great introduction for people just starting out with polyamory. Other people like Opening Up, but I’m less of a fan - your mileage may vary.

More Than Two also has a good set of introductory essays and FAQs for people new to the idea of polyamory. (This used to be on Xeromag and is one of my favorite poly-newbie resources).

Freaksexual has a pretty extensive start-from-the-very-beginning guide to polyamory.

Those are the best suggestions I have for you, considering that you feel that your partner doesn’t really understand where you’re coming from. Other sites with lots of resources, like Modern Poly and Practical Polyamory, can be pretty overwhelming at first but would be great resources for you.

Good luck! Sometimes this early learning curve can be really exciting and rewarding if you both go into it with a spirit of adventure and honesty.