My partner tends to do things that are either hurtful or just plain disrespectful and then is upset when I’m unhappy with them, even though, they make comments on these things again later saying how they wouldn’t want to do those things to partner x and y because it’s ‘rude’, 'hurtful’, and/or 'disrespectful’, yet, they cannot show the same regards to me or any other partners (whom are not x or y). How should I deal with this? I feel as if they don’t have any care over how things make me feel.

How should you deal with this? By leaving this relationship. If your partner makes you feel hurt and disrespected, then turns around and gets upset with you for feeling hurt and disrespected, then insists they wouldn’t treat their other partners like that, and you have a general sense that they don’t care how you feel, LEAVE THEM. This is not a good or healthy relationship and you don’t deserve to be treated like this!