So, I’m aromantic and poly but I don’t know if I can be poly if I can’t be attracted to anyone romantically, does that still make me poly if I like them platonically?

If identifying as polyamorous helps you build happy, healthy, fulfilling relationships, great! If not, don’t worry about it! I have an FAQ page about this here.

Be open and clear with people about what you can and can’t offer and what you are and are not looking for. Identifying openly as polyamorous may lead people to believe that you could be interested in a romantic relationship - so just practice openness and honesty and remember that assumptions cause a lot of pain and risk on both sides.

You may have a hard time explaining your identity to people who don’t understand how “person with multiple platonic relationships” differs from most other people they know. It’s often nice to have a quick, practiced explanation of what you’re all about and what certain terms and practices mean to you. It is also okay not to share certain aspects of your identity with people you don’t trust to understand or respond in a positive way, or just if you’re not in the mood for that kind of conversation.