So I’ve been in a Polyamorous relationship before, but left it because it was toxic (the guy I was dating had a gf and they considered themselves the main relationship, and she had jealousy issues with him dating other people while she had up to 5 other partners). Anyways that’s long past, but I’ve been with my current boyfriend for a year, he is monogamous and I’ve expressed my interest in seeing women (I’m bi). He’s OK with it. Any suggestions for meeting bisexual/lesbian poly women?

The same way you’d generally meet prospective romantic/sexual partners! Go to events where people who share your interests congregate (birdwatching groups, underground fight clubs, indie movie houses, wherever your jam is playing) and try OKCupid, which lets you be pretty flexible and clear about your relationship arrangements and preferences.

Also, you didn’t ask my advice on this part, but you did ask my advice, so I’m giving it all: I’d recommend having some more conversations with your boyfriend about why he’s okay with you seeing women specifically. That’s often a signal that he’s not entirely okay with the poly arrangement, that he may feel threatened by other partners, etc. and it puts you in a rough spot if you find yourself crushing on someone who isn’t a woman.