Can I be poly while also being straight? I’m in a very confused place right now…

Yes, absolutely you can be poly while also being straight! One is about your relationship orientation - how you process, understand, and experience your relationships. The other is about your sexual orientation - how you process, understand, and experience your sexual attraction. 

You may be confused if your understanding of polyamory is mostly of the triangle-shaped, or triad, type. I can see how it might be hard to picture yourself in a closed relationship with multiple people if you’re straight (though some straight people do; you can only speak for yourself.) But that’s not the only type of polyamory that exists. I am straight, and poly! I only date men, but I date multiple men at the same time. Most of the men I date are also straight, so all my relationships are V-shaped: I date X and Y, but X and Y are not dating each other, because they’re both men who don’t date men. 

Remember that being straight is not an inferior way of being; it is just another orientation. The sad truth is that being straight comes with a whole pile of privilege, and because of that, many LGBTQ+ people have a mistrust of straight people. And while it is their right to express their frustration and alienation in whatever way works for them, don’t let ~*~tumblr discourse~*~ about “cis-het scum” convince you that certain ways of being are closed off to you or make you feel unwelcome in the poly community. Many poly people are straight; many straight people are poly. Find the way of being that lets you be healthy and happy and fulfilled.