Thanks for having this blog, as someone who is exploring their sexuality, it means a lot to have a resource like this. Also, (stupid question you run this blog so you probably are) are you poly? And if you have any tips for your first poly relationship, please do share them!

I am polyamorous! I have been practicing polyamory for about eight years now, but I believe that it has always been part of who I am and how I experience my relationships and sexuality.

You can find lots of stuff on my FAQ page, especially the “how can I learn more about polyamory?” section, which includes lots of other resources that include “intro to poly” or “poly 101″ sections.

My two biggest tips would be:

Communicate. There is never a good enough reason not to openly talk about something. “It’ll be awkward” or “I wish they knew without me having to tell them” or “I want things to happen organically” are not good reasons! Take a deep breath, open your mouth, and speak your truth! If someone gets upset with you for clear and honest communication, they’re giving you some really useful information about how safe and healthy they will or won’t be to have a relationship with.

Know thyself. If something makes you feel sad, threatened, jealous, or uncomfortable, sit with the feeling, dig into it, and figure out why. If you have a desire, a need, a curiosity, or a joy, sit with that and understand what it’s all about. Know your boundaries so you can set them. Know what you want so you can ask for it. Meditate, journal, chat with a therapist, read self-discovery books - whatever you gotta do to clearly understand who you are and what you need.

Best of luck!