When do you think is a safe time to give a partner your phone number when you’ve had an ldr? My partner and I have been together for several months but I still don’t have their phone number or even have them on any social media accounts anymore because the one they had was deleted. We don’t skype either because I’m never really able to but we send photos back and forth but I feel really weird about only sending skype messages? Is this normal or what do you think?

There are plenty of reasons someone might not want to use a phone to chat. Anything from the innocuous (maybe they can’t afford a monthly phone bill, maybe they just prefer skype and don’t realize you want their number) to the sad but understandable (maybe they are hiding from a stalker/abuser) to the sketchy (maybe they are catfishing you, maybe they are doing this with multiple people and don’t want to get caught).

Your best bet is to just ask them: can I have your number? Can we talk over phone call or text? If not, why not? If they give you a reason and it’s believable, great! With a skype app on your phone, it’s basically the same as texting. If you have lingering questions, though, or feel uncomfortable, it’s okay to press for more details: when will you be able to use something besides skype? why was their old social media deleted? 

Be careful about people who are so locked down with their availability - usually, it means they’re hiding something. Be clear with them that this is a situation that makes you feel concerned. Someone who’s healthy to be in a relationship with will be honest and understanding. If they get defensive or aggressive, take some distance. Your safety is the priority.