hey do you have any tips on asking your friends to form a polycule??? like not necessarily super romantic but like to… give it a status?? idk? bc im like crushing on everyone and everyone already acts like were all quasiplatonic partners theres just not really a “title” for it?? bc id really like that

Ah, yes, that eternally human sense that if something has a word, it’s more real. Love me some Derrida/Saussure. I live in a house that has a name and I know how satisfying and different it is when people say “I left my jacket at Ferngully” instead of “I left my jacket at Zinnia’s house.” When I was in high school, we got tired of saying “our group” or “our clique” (gross) so we gave our little crew of friends a name. There’s something really special and meaningful about that!

My main piece of advice is to be really clear about what you want. “Hey, it’s not that I am trying to change anything about our arrangement or make demands about commitment, I just want to be able to speak it in a way that feels real and honors the love that we share.” Then see if that’s something they’re interested in, and talk about terms and names together!