I’m a 15 year old demisexual girl and I’ve never been in a real relationship before. I’ve just discovered polyamory and I feel like I might be poly. But I’m not sure and I don’t know a lot about it and it sounds really right in my heart. I’m not sure and I need help learning more about it.

Most 15 year olds have never been in a “real relationship” yet. You’re definitely in the majority there!

There are tons of resources out there to learn about polyamory! You can find a bunch of them on my poly resources page here. There lots of resources online that you can read, and I also strongly recommend the books listed there as well! If you don’t have the ability to order books on Amazon, you can ask a local librarian to help you out with that.

It can feel daunting to just jump feet-first into a whole whirl of information, though, especially since much of it is aimed at adults and has a focus on things like sex, marriage, health insurance, parenting, and other stuff you may not be interested in at 15. So here are some things to start you off:

Remember that you don’t need to pin down your identity and carve it in stone at 15! This is an age to get to know yourself, experiment, figure out what works for you, try new things, make mistakes, try more things, and have a lot of fun. Put yourself first, do what feels good, and you’ll find your way!