I’m dating this girl and she’s dating a guy as well. We’re all totally comfortable with this its just him and I don’t really show any romantic interests yet. We are becoming more comfortable but as of now we’re more of an angle than a triangle. And I was wondering if this is fine and what I can do to get more comfortable with him so we can become a triangle.

You’re wondering if this is fine - it absolutely is! Not all poly arrangements need to be a triangle. If you aren’t romantically interested in your partner’s partner, that’s completely fine. If the three of you are “all totally comfortable with this,” then everything is fine. Let your relationships be what they are organically and don’t try to force it into a different mold.

Remember that sex and romance are just some of many, many ways two people can relate to each other. You and your partner’s guy can be good friends, you can be intimate pals, you can be metamours, you can make each other laugh, you can emotionally support each other, you can do everything people in relationships do - because you are in a relationship. Friendship isn’t some inferior version of romance; it’s not romance-but-with-something-missing. It’s its own complete and beautiful thing! Just because you don’t have sex, just because when you two hang out it isn’t a ~*~date~*~ - that doesn’t really mean anything.

Just be yourself and relate to this guy being himself in the way that is comfortable and happy and healthy for you. Hang out together. Bond over your shared affection for the girl you’re both dating. Talk about mutual interests. Enjoy your closeness and don’t worry about whether it looks like an angle or a triangle or a multidimensional hypercube, as long as you’re happy with it.