Possibly entering my first triad relationship and one person is long-distance. I’m a very needy person, particularly in relationships, and I know this about myself. Am I setting myself up for failure?

Are you setting yourself up for failure? Not necessarily. It sounds like you have some self awareness of this issue, which is the first (and often the hardest) step.

I’d encourage you to get more specific with yourself and dig into what you mean by “needy.” What kinds of things do you need? Are there specific kinds of attention you need? Can you maybe articulate those to your partner and be clear about how they can help meet your needs? In relationships, it’s okay to ask for what you want - you have the right to be clear with your partners about how you’d like them to text you more, or you want to make sure you plan a visit every few months.

Also ask yourself where this neediness comes from. Is it a fear of abandonment? Fear of missing out? The fact that you just really enjoy being with your partners? Answering those questions might help you handle those feelings in a healthier way. Maybe hearing from your partner that if they don’t answer a text, it doesn’t mean they don’t care, just that they’re busy, can help. Maybe finding hobbies or friendships outside these relationships can help.

Being clear and specific, with yourself and with your partners, can make these feelings of neediness a lot more manageable. Good luck!