So uhm..there’s this guy that i reallly like at school, and he actually knows i exist haha..he likes to hug me and “accidently” grabs my hand…but i value my friends and other peoples opinions very much thus i dont know what to do. They dont approve and they say he’s a player but he seems really nice and genuine…i have no idea what to do…please help?

On the one hand, it sounds like you’re young, and being young is the time to have fun. If you like a guy and he likes you, go for it. Have a good time! Be safe and responsible, don’t accept any treatment from him that you’re not okay with, but be willing to take some risks that don’t have lifelong consequences (like the risk of dating a guy who might break your heart; not the risk of getting pregnant). The whole point of dating people is to learn about who they are and what you like in a relationship. 

If your friends have serious concerns - like he has a reputation for not honoring consent, or he has cheated on or abused other girls in the past - that’s worth listening to. I’m a very big proponent of women looking out for other women and spreading information about men who act in predatory ways. Don’t let him charm you into becoming another victim if you know he victimizes people.

But if your friends just don’t approve for nebulous reasons, I say go for it. You’re young and now is the time to make mistakes and try things out. Maybe he’s not right for you, but you’ll never know if you don’t try. Either you’ll learn to take your friends’ advice and spot red flags earlier, or you’ll learn the benefits of doing what you want despite the opinions of others. Win-win!